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BKK Karate Elite

Introducing Team BKK: Elevating Your Karate Journey to the Competitive Stage

Team BKK represents the pinnacle of competitive karate training within Budo Kin Kai Karate and Fitness. We invite students with a passion for taking their karate skills to the next level to join this elite team, where the focus is on the sport of karate.


To maintain a spot on the team and compete in tournaments throughout the season, team members must:

  1. Consistent Practice: Regularly attend practices to hone their skills and stay in top form.

  2. Demonstrate Dedication: Showcase commitment through punctuality, unwavering effort, and an eagerness to receive and implement constructive feedback. Remember, continuous practice paves the path to perfection.

  3. Tournament Participation: Engage in all tournaments listed on the calendar to test your skills against the best in the sport.

Join Team BKK and embark on a journey of competitive excellence, where your dedication and hard work will shine on the karate mat.


Team BKK Uniform Requirements

For competition days, all team members are expected to be dressed as follows:

  1. Team BKK All-White Competition Uniform: This uniform should feature the school patch on the left arm sleeve.

  2. Team BKK Red & White Sparring Uniform: Specifically designed for our sparring warriors.

  3. School T-shirt: You have the option of wearing a red, white, or TEAM BKK shirt.

Who Can Join Our Team?

At BKK, we extend a warm welcome to all our students, encouraging them to take the leap and try out for Team BKK. It's an exciting opportunity to embrace fresh challenges, foster camaraderie with peers, make new friends during our travels, and master the art of sport karate.

To gain a deeper understanding of our tryout criteria, please reach out to any BKK staff member who will be happy to provide more information.

Mark your calendars: Tryouts for both current and new members are scheduled for February, so get ready to step up to the challenge!


You can also show your support by attending as a spectator to help cheer on TEAM BKK! 


Try Your Introductory Class Now!

Try Your Introductory Class Now!

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